How to Maintain Your Driveway This Winter

Although curb appeal is important to all homeowners, sometimes, exterior home maintenance in the wintertime can seem like an impossible task. Keeping up with shoveling snow, regularly de-icing surfaces, and other tasks can be overwhelming. If you break big things, such as maintaining your driveway, down into smaller tasks, however, they suddenly seem much less daunting.Check out these five steps you can take to keep your driveway in good repair all winter long, from the professionals at Lola’s Landscape! 

Remove debris immediately 

When you notice debris in your driveway, you should get rid of it right away. There are a couple of reasons for this. Paper, such as newspapers and retail advertisements, can clog snow blowers and cause people to slip if they are not removed. Twigs and branches, on the other hand, are also fall hazards and can damage vehicles if they accidentally get run over.

Use ice melt products sparingly 

While you might be tempted to use ice melt products on your driveway frequently, it is best to use them as sparingly as possible. Salt-based solutions, in particular, can have adverse effects on asphalt driveways. If you want to avoid pockmarks and crumbling on the surface of your driveway, make sure you buy a calcium chloride-based product if you have to use one. 

Have your garage door inspected  

Your garage door plays an important role in whether or not you can effectively use your driveway during the winter months. If it malfunctions, you are unlikely to be able to use your garage and might have to leave your family’s vehicles sitting on your driveway for the entire season. This extra weight can actually cause the asphalt to shift and crack. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have your garage door inspected at the end of autumn.

Shovel before driving 

Driving over snow can pack it down, which makes it much harder to remove. If you have to scrape snow with your shovel to clear it, you run the risk of damaging your driveway in the process. Thus, it is always smart to shovel your drive prior to driving on any snow that has fallen on it. 

Have necessary repairs completed 

In some cases, homeowners find themselves tempted to put off driveway repairs. It is, however, wise to have any necessary repairs done before winter weather arrives. The longer problems, such as cracks, are allowed to persist, the more expensive it will ultimately be to have them fixed. 

The very best way to keep your driveway in exceptional condition in cold weather is to hire a professional snow removal team to handle maintenance for you. An expert crew will know what tools and chemicals are safest for your driveway and will efficiently remove any snow and ice. For snow and ice removal around the Franklin, MA area & beyond, contact Lola’s Landscape today! 

Do I Need Professional Snow Removal Services For My Commercial Property?

Commercial property owners must always remain on their toes to make sure their property is safe for residents & business owners. For those in the New England area, this involves snow & ice removal in the winter months. Proper snow & ice removal is crucial to ensuring safe driving & no pedestrian injuries. Hiring the right professional for the job will alleviate a significant amount of stress during the snowy weather.

Snow Plowing & Removal

The first order of business for commercial snow removal is to clear the parking area with a heavy-duty plow. Although snowblowers can sometimes be used for perimeters or entire residential properties, plows are the best option for efficient snow removal on a large scale such as a commercial parking lot. Navigating a truck and plow can be a harder task than it appears. Hiring an experienced professional is the best way to make sure that your property is not damaged in the snow removal process. 

Safe Walkways & Stairs

Ice not only affects drivers in the cold weather – It can be just as dangerous for pedestrians. It is your responsibility as a property owner to make sure that all precautions possible are taken to eliminate the risk of injury. One of the most dangerous spots when snow and ice hit is a property’s outdoor stairs. Along with this, walkways are high traffic areas that can also see ice buildup. Stairs and walkways must be cleared of snow and also salted or sanded to prevent & melt ice buildup.

Proper Placement of Snow

If piles of snow are not placed properly around a large parking lot, drainage issues & parking inconveniences are bound to arise. A snow removal professional will be able to create snowbanks where they will least disrupt regular activity around the property. The snowbanks will also be located away from the building & its structures to prevent issues with flooding. Eliminating the risk for damage to any structures truly makes expert snow removal an investment in protecting your property.

If you haven’t hired a snow removal professional for your commercial property yet, it’s time! For properties around the Franklin, MA area, contact Lola’s Landscape today at 774-248-4584.