5 Tips for Enhancing Your Home’s Landscape

Curb appeal is the very first impression visitors & buyers get when they pull up to see a house for sale. When a home’s landscape is underdone or overlooked, it tends to turn buyers off. They want to see a house that looks like the owner has given it love and care over the years. Here are five things you can do to enhance your home’s landscape so it will sell faster!

Power Wash the Hardscape

If you don’t have a power washer, you can easily rent one. Use it to clean all the grimy, grungy build-up off of the paved surfaces. Also use it to clean vinyl siding, brick, and fences. This will make everything look refreshed & brand new!

Correct Irrigation Problems 

Get any issues with your irrigation system repaired before the buyer takes possession. If there are issues you don’t fix, the buyer must be notified. Also, be sure to leave the buyer with all manuals and information about your current watering schedule so they know how to maintain upkeep.

Spruce Up Overgrown Shrubs & Trees

Your trees and shrubs are a major part of your home’s curb appeal. Neglecting those dead branches can make potential buyers assume you’ve neglected the home’s structure over the years as well. A maintained garden makes a home look loved. So, prune that short-term greenery when your house is on the market no matter what time of year it is. 

Add New Mulch

Nothing brings an under-loved garden back to life like a fresh batch of mulch. The color of mulch boosts the contrast of the plants surrounding it. This makes the entire garden pop! Plus, mulch is simple to apply and often pretty cheap. You can also hire a landscaping service to lay down mulch & much more. 

Clean Up Flowerbeds

If it’s the time of the year when your perennials and annuals are looking rough, you should either start loving them back to life now or remove them altogether. Use a decorative pot to take its place if you can’t replace the flowers. 

Also, know that your flowerbed & shrubbery add to your home’s curb appeal. That means it may have been a large part of why a buyer purchases your home. So, if you plan on dig up any of your home’s landscape and taking it with you to your new home, you must inform the buyer ahead of time. 

Professional Landscaping in Franklin, MA

A professional landscaper can help you design a new outdoor scene within your budget. For landscaping services in the Franklin, MA area & beyond, contact Lola’s Landscape today! 

Hazards & Risks of DIY Landscaping

Landscaping is generally not a hazardous job, however, there are some hazards that landscapers are exposed to that could lead to serious injuries or health issues for those who aren’t trained in the work. Next time you consider some DIY landscaping, look out for these risks and hazards. 


Some pesticides have very minor symptoms when you are overexposed. On the other hand, though, most are very dangerous. Pesticide poisoning happens with the chemicals get into your system through your eyes, skim or are inhaled into your lungs through your mouth. This is a significant risk when you are working with chemicals and lack professional handling skills.

Hearing Hazards

Landscaping requires using some very loud, noisy equipment, such as trimmers, mowers, tillers, shredders, chippers, chainsaws and blowers. This could lead to hearing loss if you are not careful. Be sure to use some sort of hearing protection when the equipment is running. Protect yourself by wearing long pants and sleeves, eye protection, gloves and durable shoes or boots.

Sun Exposure

Some landscapers have been known to suffer from heat strokes due to dehydration and being exposed to the sun too long. Wearing a hat can help. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated when working in your yard.

Insects & Diseases

As you probably know, plants attract bugs. Most insects are harmless. But some actually bite, sting and/or carry diseases. This is especially true in areas where there’s standing water. Be sure to cover yourself up, and put on a mask if you see a swarm of bugs flying around.

Scrapes & Cuts

Sharp tools and thorny plants come with the job when doing most types of landscaping. Both can cause cuts and scrapes, which should never be minimized or ignored. Treat them with rubbing alcohol and peroxide. If not, they can become infected. To avoid getting these wounds on your hands, always wear gardening gloves.


When lifting heavy yard equipment and other items like bags of mulch, always use the proper lowering and lifting methods. If not, you could suffer bone breaks and painful sprains. Tasks that require repetitive motions for long time periods, such as raking or sweeping, can lead to tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome causing pain in your wrists and hands. You may also experience aches and pains in your back and arms. 

Professional Landscaping in Franklin, MA

The best way to avoid any and all of these DIY landscaping hazards is to hire a professional landscaper. Lola’s Landscape can help you transform your yard into a gorgeous scenery that adds curb appeal to your home. Give us a call today at 774-248-4584