To keep plants healthy and prosperous, you should always keep them in their natural form; cutting or trimming plants into geometrical shapes can really stunt and affect flowering. The only time you should alter a plant’s natural form is if it needs to be trained or confined for a specific purpose.
This is where pruning comes into play; it helps control size, removes unwanted branches, waterspouts, and unwanted fruiting structures that detract from the plants appearance.
To go along with appearance, pruning will help keep your plants healthy and prosperous: removes dead or dying branches harmed by diseases, insect infestation, animals, storms, etc.

Maintaining a healthy tree or shrub will help ensure: the development of flowers and fruits, a dense hedge, and establishing a healthy tree or garden. Pruning is very beneficial for the health and safety of your plants. But it is also imperative to the safety of your family, neighbors, and property!

Many of us have that hazardous tree that is just waiting to fall on our neighbor’s car or house during the next big storm. Before the next storm can cause some serious danger to you or your neighbors, give us a call and we will remove all or parts of the tree. By pruning, we take down hazardous trees; take down weak branches that are hanging over homes, garages, sidewalks, and anyplace falling limbs can injure a person or property. You don’t want to be responsible for harming your neighbor’s property, or worse a person; all can be avoided by proper maintenance.

Lola’s Landscape will help maintain the health and natural beauty of your plants. Pruning is essential in preventing plant life from growing too large, and spiraling into an extremely unhealthy state. If you feel that your plants could use this treatment to grow healthy and beautiful, please feel free to give Lola’s Landscape a call! We look forward to working with you and helping your plants to live a long, healthy and prosperous life.


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    "The guys just finished tree work -- knocked down a few and pruned a bunch more -- and put in a solid day's work. They worked fast and efficiently, and were very friendly. I requested a lot of work, and they were up-front and honest and let me know that [they] may not get to it all in a full-day; but they did, and then some...I would recommend them to anyone in the Franklin/Bellingham area for reliable landscape and tree services at very competitive prices."
    -Mark M.