4 Warning Signs That Your Tree Requires Removal

Many homeowners can attest to the natural beauty that their trees add to their property. When trees begin to die, however, they can become a danger to both you, your neighbors, and your home and vehicle.

Here are four signs of a dying tree you should look out for:

1) Root Damage

Common signs of root damage you can observe first hand are undersized leaves and thinning foliage. An arborist can help make the call as to whether the damage is fixable, or if the tree needs to go. Unfortunately, root damage is very common, especially as a result of construction. If your home is fairly new, it’s possible that the tree’s roots underwent repeated compacting effect even as various trucks attempted to avoid damaging the tree itself.

2) Dead Crown

The East Coast has dealing with several different tree pests and diseases that have been ravaging forests lately. The Emerald Ash Borer is a pest of epic proportions, having killed more than 50 million ash trees in America since 2002. These insects drill into the trees, feeding on the wood and ultimately killing the tree. After infection, trees die within a handful of years—and one of the tell-tale signs is a dead crown (the top of the tree, which is usually the healthiest part). Dead crowns can also be a sign of other serious problems, such as drought and bad soil composition. No matter the cause, these trees need to be removed right away.

3) Fungus Growth

You may remember childhood tales of the fairy ring, when mushrooms grow in a circle where the fairies have danced. There’s nothing cute about fungal growth on your trees, though. Mushrooms growing directly on your tree or next to the roots can indicate that your tree is rotting—fungus feeds on decay. A tree specialist can help you determine if the tree can be treated, or the damage is too extensive to be fixed.

4) Uneven Growth

In a forest, trees tend to grow straight up. In a yard with little competition for the sun’s light, however, trees tend to spread out more. This can contribute to an overburdened canopy that actually weakens your tree’s overall structure—these are often the first trees to lose heavy limbs during a storm. A tree specialist can advise you as to whether these trees are likely to be a hazard, or if they can be proactively pruned in order to encourage safer and healthier growth.


Trees can be a valuable addition to your property, but it’s important to remember that, at the end of the day, they are living structures and require care and upkeep just like anything else. A professional tree inspection from Lola’s Landsacpe can help you make sure your trees are around for many years to come.

Warning Signs That a Tree May Fall

A lot of times homeowners don’t know that a tree on their property is going to fall over until it’s too late. Little do most know, your mature trees may be giving you a few signals before they fall over. Not preparing for a tree that’s ready to fall can cause serious damage to your property, or even worse- personal injury.

Sometimes trees can add value to a property, so you don’t always want to remove the tree from your property completely. Luckily, sometimes you can save a tree that is showing warning signs of yelling ‘timber’ in the future. You might ask “Well, what are the warning signs?” below we’ll take a look at the warning signs and see what you can do about them to maybe save your tree.

Trees That Lean

While trees don’t always grow completely vertical, there is a point where if it leans a little too much to one side or another it’s an early warning sign that the tree is ready to take a spill.

The danger signs of a tree that is leaning too far is cracked or displaced soil, especially on the opposite side of the lean. Also if the roots are exposed around the base of the tree. If the tree has any of these symptoms it may be a good time to call a landscaper to prune the branches, which entails removing dead or dangerous branches of a tree to re-distribute the weight across the tree better.

The Tree Has More Than One Trunk

A tree can be unstable if it has multiple trunks or splits on the trunk causing the weight to distribute in an unfavorable way. Good ways to tell is if there is a U or V shaped trunk somewhere in the tree, or you can clearly see cracks that extend deeply into the trunk.

Fixing this issue is another thing you are going to want to leave to the professionals as it can be dangerous. Calling a good landscaper to come and stabilize split trunks via cables is usually the first course of action. While it won’t reverse any of the damage, it will extend the life of the tree greatly.

Property Construction Can Harm Tree Roots

If you have recently done a larger construction project on your property such as putting up an addition or installing a driveway, surrounding trees could have had their roots compromised. Also, construction equipment can sometimes hit and damage tree bark opening  up the opportunity for tree disease or other infestations.

Signs of property construction tree damage can be damaged bark, less foliage, or seeing things such as mushrooms, ants, or other infestations at the base of the tree can indicate rot or decay. All of these can lead to an unstable tree that could potentially fall in the near future.

If your trees have been compromised by nearby construction and you suspect they may fall soon it’s important to find someone that can help prevent (or if it’s too late safely remove) the tree from falling.

Call a Landscaper

If you see any of these signs in trees surrounding your property, they could be trees that have a potential to fall and destroy anything in their path, including your home and vehicles. Since dealing with larger, mature trees can be very dangerous, it is advised to get into contact with an experienced landscaper to help you out.

Lola’s Landscape has been providing tree pruning and tree removal services to Franklin, MA and Norfolk County since 2009. We provide everything from tree removal all the way down to limb removal and stump grinding to keep your property looking pristine. We are also fully licensed and insured and our crew has many combined years of experience, so you know you’re getting the best tree services in Norfolk County.

If you have any questions about Lola’s tree services or suspect you have a tree that is showing warning signs of falling, don’t wait! Give us a call at (774) 248-4584 or fill out the form on this page for a free quote.




Winter Tree Removal Services

Winter is the worst season to have an old tree; with all of the wind and sno

If your tree is on your property and a branch falls and damages your neighbor’s property, you’re held responsible and you will be the one who pays the bill! w, you’re just asking for a disaster! Old trees and branches will have some trouble withstanding a New England winter. We offer tree removal services for customers in the Norfolk County area!

So before anything drastic happens and before winter gets any worse, schedule a free tree removal estimate with Lola’s Landscape; our phone number is 774-248-4584.

We offer full take down, branching trimming and stump grinding services.

For full take downs, we are able to tackle just about any tree, regardless of size and age; we have both the equipment and climbing skills it takes to fulfill this service!

Stump grinding isn’t as hazardous as having a decaying tree, but it still isn’t pretty to look at, and it can really ruin the look of your lawn. We usually grind stumps between four to siz inches below grade, but we can also completely remove it for an additional charge.

For more information about our tree removal services, please feel free to give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.

Full Tree Removal in Holliston MA

We just completed a full take down of a tree in a Holliston MA home; this was one of the biggest trees we’ve taken down since we opened up shop in 2009! No only was this tree big, but it was also on the verge of dying; once big wind storm and that tree was going down, causing some major damage.

For a job this big, we have the equipment and the manpower it takes to fully remove a tree, regardless of size and location. For this particular job, we had to pull out all the stops; we used climbers, cranes, aerial lift trucks, and high capacity chippers.

Usually when a tree is that old, it is insect & disease damaged and on the verge of going down; it is important to remove old trees, as they can be very hazardous to people, your home, and your neighbor’s home. If the tree is in your property, and it falls and destroys a neighbor’s house or car, it’s your responsibility and you will be stuck paying the bill!

If you’re in a similar position, please give us a call today, and we will be more than happy to inspect the condition of your tree; if we feel it is hazardous, we will give you an estimated cost to cut it down!

For more information or for a free estimate, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.


Removed Old Tree in Millis MA

We recently removed an old tree from a home in Millis MA; this tree looked as if it could fall at any give moment!

Whenever you have an old tree, you want to get it inspected, before a big storm comes and knocks it down, causing damage to your property and your neighbors’.

The owner of the tree gave us a call, and wanted us to inspect the tree, to see if it needed to be cut down, and if it did need to be cut down, they wanted an estimate. We checked out the tree, and could tell that it was old, and the branches were weak and rotted.

We told the family that the tree needed to be removed before the next big storm, otherwise it had disaster written all over it. We gave the family an estimate, and a few days later they called to schedule an appointment to remove the tree.

On the day of the project, we went into the backyard, and began the process of removing the tree. We trimmed the branches, and began to remove the enormous tree piece by piece. We finally go to the stump of the tree, and asked the family if they wanted us to remove the stump; they told us that they wanted us to remove the stump, so we began grinding it down, until all was left was dust!

We have been removing trees, and trimming branches and stumps since 2009. For more information on our services, or to schedule a free estimate, please give us a call at 774-248-4584.

Tree Removal in Norfolk County MA

Having old trees with dead and aging branches, can be very dangerous; and all that snow we’ve already had this winter can really weaken and damage old branches.

When you have an old tree that has weathered many storms in its lifetime, one big gust of wind or snowstorm can send branches flying; falling branches can be very dangerous to property, cars, and people.

Here at Lola’s Landscape, we remove dead branches, cut down trees, and remove tree stumps from homes all over the Norfolk MA area.

We always offer free estimates for our tree removal services. For more information, or to schedule a free estimate, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584. We are looking forward to helping create a safer environment for your family and your neighbors!


Removed Tree from Home in Holliston MA

Thanks to the high winds this weekend, a branch from an old tree fell on top of a car in Holliston MA; thankfully no one was hurt, and the damage to the car was minimal. But the family who owned the tree, didn’t want to take anymore chances with this tree; they wanted it removed right away.

Having an old tree can be very dangerous; branches can fall and damage property, costing you more money. The smart and safe option is to have the tree removed, so that you and your neighbors aren’t endangered.

We inspected the tree, and gave a free estimate. The family called us the next day, wanting to schedule a time for us to come and remove the dangerous tree. After they schedule a time, we sent our team of experts to Holliston. We removed all the dead branches, and were able to remove the tree.

For more information on our tree removal services, or to schedule a free estimate, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.

Tree Stump Stomping in Sherborn MA

A family in Sherborn MA had a tree removed a few years back; the company did not remove the stump however, and now they have a big stump in the middle of their yard. They asked if there was anything we could do to at least minimize the size of the stump.

We told the family that we would send a representative from our company to take a look at the tree stomp and to give them a free estimate.

After giving the family a free estimate, they decided that they wanted to use our services to get rid of that hideous looking tree stump.

The machinery we use for these types of jobs is the tree grinder. This will grind the stump down until there’s nothing left but dust! We were able to grind the stump down to nothing.

The family was very thankful, and told us they no longer had to worry about their children falling over the stump when playing!

For a free estimate, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.

Tree Removal in Millis MA

We just recently removed a tree from a yard in Millis MA. The family said that the tree was very old, and that they were worried that it wouldn’t make it through the winter; we did hear that this winter was going to be a bad one. If we’re getting the snow everyone is predicting, old trees could buckle under all that snow!

This family didn’t want to risk harming their children, or neighbor’s property, if the tree did end up collapsing, so they decided to have it removed.

Here at Lola’s Landscape, we offer affordable and reliable tree removal services; we were able to easily remove the tree from their yard.’

Having a tree that has been aging over the years can be very dangerous. If your tree does end up falling and harming someone or your neighbor’s property, there will most likely be a lawsuit waiting for you; so don’t wait too long to have your tree removed!

For more information, or for a free estimate, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.


Tree Removal in Medfield MA

Late last week, we received a call from a customer in Medfield MA, who needed a tree removed from their backyard. They said that the tree was very old, which made both the neighbors and them nervous about it falling, harming a person and property.

The tree was located in the corner of the yard, so a lot of the branches were hanging over the neighbor’s newly built two car garage. We asked the neighbor if we could park our truck in their driveway, so that we could cut down the dead branches hanging over their yard.

Once we removed all the dead branches, we were able to safely take down the tree, piece by piece. The family also wanted the stump removed.

Here at Lola’s Landscape, we have been removing dead trees from homes in Medfield MA since 2009; for more information or to schedule a free estimate, please give us a call at 774-248-4584.