The Importance Of Spring Cleanup

Just as your home needs a clean-up after winter, your landscape, lawns, and gardens are not an exception. While winter can be beautiful to experience, its adverse effect on your home’s landscape cannot be overlooked. From run-down-looking lawns to dry and lifeless leaves to heavy snow mold growth on the lawns, spring cleanup is no doubt needed to restore your landscape’s appearance and also prepare it for spring.

What Does It Mean To Spring-Clean?

Spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house or lawn in the springtime. In simpler terms, spring cleaning requires you to clean up the messes left on your lawn or garden by winter, your messy neighbors, and the neighborhood dogs.

The average spring cleaning process involves clearing away dead leaves, branches, and clutters on the lawn, clearing off the swept debris, and probably composting them if necessary. It also entails mowing the grass, touching up the flower beds and reshaping the garden, pruning the shrubs, and trimming off the trees.

Asides from the obvious beautifying benefits of spring cleaning, which include enhancing the physical feature of your home, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor living space, and simultaneously increasing the value of your property, spring cleaning has other benefits it can offer not only to your home but also to your overall health.

Importance Of Spring Clean-Up.

1.    Improves air quality in the soil

As winter intensifies, snow and wind may bring down dead leaves, twigs, branches, and debris from the roof into your lawn, causing dead, brown, and unattractive patches on the lawn as the flow of oxygen has been limited. Spring cleaning helps remove this debris off the lawn, allowing the free flow of oxygen which promotes growth.

2.    Strengthen your immune system

Winter is known to promote the buildup of allergens and pollens in and out of your home, and this can cause major harm to susceptible individuals. With spring cleaning, these allergens that have to build up over time can be properly removed, leaving the air free and safer to breathe in.

3.    Promotes the growth of your vegetation

A professional and comprehensive spring cleanup offers hundreds of benefits to your lawn and one of the many is facilitating the growth of your vegetation which entails the lawn or garden. During spring cleanup, cleaning processes like weeding, mulching, seeding, and pruning with the right tools can help remove the damages caused by winter and offer an environment that promotes the health and growth of your home vegetation.

4.    Protects the soil from biological decomposing agents

Winter displaces several biological components into hiding, and a dirty lawn or garden serves as the perfect spot for pests and other diseases. Without spring cleaning, these decomposing agents will wreak havoc in your garden, damaging the soil and plants.


In need of a professional spring cleanup? Why not contact Lolas Landscape, a leading landscape and property maintenance agency with years of experience in construction, landscaping, spring cleaning, and overall property maintenance.

We are an experienced and reputable company that has continually delivered spring cleaning and property maintenance services to millions of families like you in need. Our excellent service helps you save time that can be cultivated into other valuable activities, and you are assured of the highest quality whenever you put a call to them.


When You Should Hire a Landscaper

Taking care of your lawn on your own can be a lot of work, especially if you work fulltime or have other important responsibilities. With other demands on your time, it can seem impossible to have the kind of yard you want. It doesn’t have to be impossible, though. Hiring an expert landscaping service can help you take care of your yard, no matter what kind of design & maintenance you want. Landscapers can do much more than simply maintain your property – they can elevate it to an oasis. Professional landscapers can help you with many kinds of tasks, including:

Seasonal Cleanup

When seasons change, your yard needs some extra care. Seasonal cleanups range from trimming shrubs and raking leaves to complete overhauls of any annual flower beds you may have. You may also need fallen branches cleaned up, roses covered or uncovered, or edging repaired. It’s a lot of work for one person. A landscaper knows exactly what types of preparations need to happen to get your yard in great shape for the coming season. 

Snow Removal 

In the winter, snow becomes the biggest problem many homeowners face. Snow removal is a heavy, difficult job. Working with a shovel or a personal snowblower typically takes a long time and is inefficient. Landscapers have professional-level equipment for snow removal, including plows and industrial snowblowers. Hiring a landscaping service to handle your snow problems saves you time and energy that can be better spent elsewhere. 

Lawn Maintenance

Simply keeping up with general maintenance can become difficult if you’re busy. Spending hours every week mowing your lawn and weeding your garden is hard to prioritize when life gets in the way. Hiring a landscaper to take care of these mundane tasks leaves you free to enjoy your yard. You’ll be free from dreading the time you spend working there. 

Professional Aesthetic Design 

When you want your yard to look truly well-designed, turn to a landscaping company. Your local landscaping services are design professionals that know what plants grow effectively in your area, how the weather affects them, and how to design gardens that look lovely year-round. They can ensure you get the look you want out of your yard without risking dead plants and wasted time. 

Big Projects

If you want to make a big change to your yard, like a new patio, water feature, or a complete yard re-design, landscapers can help. Making larger scale hardscape changes takes a lot of work, planning, and muscle-power. Instead of spending a summer trying to make changes to your yard on your own, let your landscaping service help. They can get it done quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Don’t worry about amateur quality lawn features. They’ll get it done for you without you having to lift a finger. 

Taking proper care of your yard can be easy. By working with Lola’s Landscape in Franklin, MA, you can get everything that you want to be done on time and on budget. If you want your yard to stand out this spring, give us a call and book today! 774-248-4584

Spring Yard Cleanup Checklist

Spring is one of the most important times of year to make sure you are properly maintaining the health of your lawn. A spring cleanup is essential to setting yourself up for a beautiful outdoor living space once the nice weather is here! Whether you are attempting this yourself or hiring a professional landscaper to take care of your cleanup, here’s what you need to make sure you’re doing.

Removing Debris

There is always significant debris leftover from winter, whether or not there were a lot of storms. High winds cause branches, sticks, leaves, and other debris to pile up across your grass. Along with being unsightly, without removing the debris you will not be able to take any further steps to improve the health of your grass. Removing this debris reveals your grass underneath and leaves clear space for planting & mulching.


Spring is the time of year to dethatch your lawn. Detatching means removing the layer of weeds, dead grass, and roots that accumulate on the lawn’s surface throughout the year. Lawns should be dethatched at least once per year. Spring is a good time for this because following the dethatching, you can start planting!

Seeding & Planting

Spring is the time to plant the seeds for summer & fall! Go over your grass with fresh seed to have a luscious green lawn once the warm weather is here. Plant whatever you want to see bloom in your edges where you will place mulch.

Mulch & Edging

Mulch is like the finishing touch of your spring yard cleanup. Mulch comes in a variety of finishes, including dark, natural wood, and red stained. Keep in mind that more natural stains of mulch will best keep their color throughout the season.

Professional Spring Yard Cleanups

Although they are necessary and rewarding, spring cleanups are also arduous and overwhelming. Instead of taking the task on yourself, hiring a landscape professional will take the weight off your shoulders and ensure a job well done. Lola’s Landscape is happy to provide spring cleanups and more expert landscaping services to homes and businesses in Franklin, MA & beyond. To schedule your spring cleaning, please call us today at 774-248-4584!

How to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

Sometimes it can feel like winter drags on forever, but a beautiful New England spring is right around the corner. Now is the time to get your yard & landscape ready for the warmer weather and make sure things bloom when they’re supposed to! Check out these tips from Lola’s Landscape and give us a call at 774-248-4584 for all of your landscaping needs this spring.

Eliminate Debris

Even if you had a great fall clean up this past year, there is certain to be some debris accumulated on your lawn from the winter weather. Before planting or fertilizing anything, you will want to get rid of any stray leaves, sticks, and branches lying around. If left on your lawn, debris will prevent the absorption of fertilizer and nutrients into the soil and can also damage your lawnmower.

Rake & Weed

The second phase of the spring clean up is raking & weeding over your lawn. Raking will pull out any dead grass taking up space on your lawn. If you do not pull up weeds by their root, they will only continue to grow & spread throughout where your grass should be. This will result in you regularly mowing over weeds and crabgrass in the nicer weather, instead of a healthy green lawn!

Seed & Fertilize

The next step to preparing your lawn for the warmer weather is to lay the foundation for growth. Sprinkle a layer of grass seed over your lawn to optimize grass growth for the spring, as well a layer of nutrient-dense fertilizer for grass & plant health. If you are looking to maximize grass growth, speak with a professional about the benefits of overseeding vs. slice seeding.

Add Mulch & Decor

The final step to perfecting your spring landscape design is to add mulch, seasonal bloomers, and other finishing touches to make your cleaned up space come alive! This is the step where you can incorporate your favorite flowers, shrubbery, and mulch preferences to create the lawn of your dreams.

Hiring a Landscape Professional

If you don’t have the time this spring for a full cleanup, seeding, and fertilizing, make it easier on yourself by hiring a landscaping professional. Your yard will be your oasis this spring and summer by letting Lola’s Landscape take care of it for you! Give us a call today at 774-248-4584 so we can add you to our spring schedule now!

Get Ahead of The Game With an Early Spring Cleanup!

The Massachusetts area has been showing signs of warmer weather even earlier in the year these past few weeks. This means that you may want to take care of your spring cleanup for your property even earlier than you’re used to this spring season. Luckily, Lola’s Landscape has just the right solution for your property providing early spring cleanups for your home or business in the Franklin, Norfolk, and the Walpole, MA areas.

Yard and home

With snow in the Norfolk county more or less completely gone, you will notice a lot of debris and extra stuff that was covered by the snow in your yard. March is a great time to take a look at your yard and see what your next action will be to get your property restored to it’s full summer glory.

Here are a few things you might want to put on a checklist for an upcoming early spring cleanup:

  1. Prune Dead Branches- It’s almost guaranteed that a few branches will not survive the harsh New England winter on your surrounding trees and shrubs. In order to keep the trees and shrubs on your property healthy, Lola’s offers pruning services for your yard.
  2. Perennial Care- All old perennials will be cleaned and removed that we’re not taken care of the previous fall. Others will be cut back and split when necessary to promote healthy growth. This will also allow room to be made for new plants and an overall fresh setup in your yard.
  3. Mulching- Lola’s Landscape offer mulching services as a part of the spring cleanup package for Norfolk County residents. Mulching allows to hinder the growth of weeds in in problem areas and provide a nice clean looking area around your home an yards. We offer many different variations of mulch to match your needs!
  4. Dethatching- While this usually takes place during the later spring, Lola’s can provide this service as soon as the weather permits for Norfolk county residents. This process allows the soil in your yard and garden areas grow promoting healthy plants, grass, and flowers to give you a picture perfect yard just in time for the nice weather.

Why not get ahead of the game get your spring cleanup out of the way early? Weather permitting, Lola’s Landscape now offers early spring cleanups for folks in the Norfolk, Franklin, and Walpole, MA areas, as well as the surround towns! For a quote or more information on Lola’s spring cleanup service give us a ring at (774) 248-4584 or fill out the contact form located on this page to send a message!


Spring Lawn Cleanups in Norfolk County

Winter is finally over, and spring has begun; let’s just hope for no more snow!! Now is the time to schedule our spring lawn cleanup services, before we are overbooked! Ask about our seasonal package deals, too! 

After a long and rough winter, your lawn is in need of some serious maintenance! Over the winter, leaves, twigs and other debris has built up, and as the snow melts, you will see just how much debris is covering your lawn.

After the snow melts, and we removed all of the debris, we also provide dethatching services, which will get rid of the dead material that lays on top of your grass and soil; insects make this dead material their home, where they enjoy feeding on your soil! Detahtching will rid your yard of this dead material, helping to destroy insects, and ultimately helping to keep your soil healthy and strong.

We also provide mulching services, which will help kill leaves, as well as creating moist and rich soil.

For more information about our spring cleanup services, or to schedule an appointment, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.

Spring Cleanup in Bellingham MA

Spring is finally here, and we have officially started our spring clean up services in the Bellingham MA area; it is time to get the lawn back into tiptop shape!

After the long, cold and snowy winter we had, it’s time to tend to your grass and soil! During the fall and winter seasons, your lawn and its soil has taken quite a big hit from both leaves and debris and of course the snow and ice. Our spring services will help create and promote a healthy soil.

To start we will remove all those leaves, twigs, and other debris that has built up on top of your soil since the fall time. Once we remove all of this excess debris and perform what is called de-thatching, your soil can finally breath again, and access the sunlight and rain it needs to thrive.

We can also apply mulch to your soil and lawn; mulch has a lot of great nutrients your soil needs to thrive. Mulch will help your soil fight off weeds, insect invasion, and diseases.

When you have a healthy soil, your grass will begin to grow more steadily, and you will start to see that green color.

For deals on all of our services, please check out our Season Package Program. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584

Spring Cleanup in Medway MA

Give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584 for our spring cleanup and lawn maintenance services. Also checkout our season package deals to save money on all of your landscape needs.

One of the biggest service we provide during the cleanup services is removing all those leaves, twig, snow and other debris that the winter and fall left behind. These debris can be very harmful to your soil and grass, and can attract insects and other diseases that are harmful to the health of your yard.

Dethatching is another service that correlates with removing debris. During the fall and winter seasons, layers of dead material have grown and resided on top of your soil; thanks to these layers of dead material, your soil won’t be able to receive the nutrients it needs to survive. With our tools, we will be able to remove this dead material, helping your soil to receive sunlight and rain water. When you have a healthy soil, one that is exposed to sunlight and rain water, it will be able to fight off diseases and insects, helping your yard maintain a healthy life.

Mulching is another big part of the spring cleanup services we provide to our customers. Mulching, much like dethathcing will help make your soil strong enough to fight off diseases and insect invasion. This maintenance project will help give your grass the nice green fresh look.

For more information on our cleanup services, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584


Spring Cleanup in Millis MA

Spring is finally here; it’s time to get your yards back into tip-top shape! This winter has been a rough one, with all the snow storms and cold weather, your grass and soil has taken a beaten. With our landscape services, and spring cleanup services, Lola’s Landscape will get your lawn looking beautiful again.

Our spring cleanup services will help create a healthier soil that will fight off weeds, diseases, and insects; with a healthy soil, comes green grass. During this process, we will remove all those debris, twigs, and other debris from your grass that has built up over the fall and winter.

We also provide mulching services, which will help strengthen your soil. When we add mulch to your yard, your soil will be able to fight off diseases, weeds, and insects.

To go along with mulching, we also provide dethatching services, which is where we remove layers of dead material from your soil. When this dead material is removed, it helps decrease the population of insects and diseases.

Our spring clean up services will help bring your lawn and soil back to life. By the time summer comes along, you will see that green color return to your grass!

For a free estimate, or to schedule an appointment, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.

Spring Clean Up in Norfolk County

You guessed it, spring is around the corner and it’s time to take care of that lawn of yours! After the mess of a winter we had this year, your lawn is in need of some maintenance work! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our expert ad experienced landscape team.

Our Spring Clean Up, entails, removing all those leaves, twigs, and other debris that has accumulated over the fall and winter seasons!

We also provide mulching services to help strengthen your soil; mulch will give your soil the nutrients it needs to grow strong, as well as the ability to fight off the growth of weeds, insects, and diseases.

If it wasn’t done in the fall, we will also remove old perennials, to leave room for the new perennials to grow in over the summer.

Dethatching is another service we offer during the spring (and fall). Much like mulch, this process will help strengthen your soil.

Our spring cleanup services will begin when the weather permits it! Hopefully there isn’t anymore snow in the forecast, so that we can get an early start on maintaining your lawn!

To schedule an appointment, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.