Parking Lot, Sidewalk, & Driveway Cleanup For A Safe Winter

As all the leaves fall from the trees and we finish fall cleanups, our thoughts naturally turn to winter and the coming snowfall.  Ice and snow bring with them their own separate cleanup demands, but prevention is just as important as cleaning up after the snow hits the ground.  Whether you own a business with a parking lot and sidewalk that requires maintenance, or your residential driveway is in need of some attention, Lola’s Landscape provides winter cleanup services to fit your needs.

Salting and sanding any paved areas you have will go a long way towards keeping you and others safe.  Ice accumulation on pavement is extremely slippery, and can be a hazard for your home or business. There are also liability issues that go along with failing to properly clear your public surfaces of snow and ice, and no one wants to deal with a personal injury lawsuit.  Salting your parking lot and sidewalk helps prevent ice from forming in the first place, as well as melting ice that has already formed. This will keep customers, employees, and yourself safe as more intense winter weather approaches New England. Sand does not melt any ice, but does provide extra traction for tires and shoes as people move around.  These two services together help provide the best environment for foot and car traffic, and gives you peace of mind.

One heavy snowfall can make any snow removal job seem overwhelming, but Lola’s is here to help!  We offer snow blowing, plowing, and shoveling services to quickly clean up accumulated snow that makes getting in and out of your home or business a hassle.  We can clear any walkways, stairs, decks, driveways, parking lots, porches, or yards that need attention.

Snow plowing and removal is critical to maintaining a functional business and being able to safely get in and out of your home.  Removing this snow can be time consuming and difficult, so we offer emergency snow removal. Lola’s will come plow your driveway or business parking lot in the middle of the night so you have a clear path to work in the morning, or your employees have somewhere to park.

We take the stress and hassle out of any snow removal and winter preparedness job so you can go about your day without disruption.  Our team is standing by to help you with any winter cleanup job you need! Call Adam at 774-248-4584 or contact us online to schedule your winter service today.

Salt vs Sanding. What’s The Difference?

This morning brought another few inches of snow in some Massachusetts Counties. Lola’s Landscape is available to provide snow removal services to residents of Norfolk County. This service is for both commercial and residential accounts. Additionally, we provide salting & services for those accounts that require it. We often get asked what the difference between salting and sanding. Hopefully this blog post clears up some confusion!


Salt, or “rock salt” is made up of sodium chloride, or table salt. It usually comes in the shape of large chucky crystals. Salt lowers the freezing point of water, so salt is spread on roads, walkways, and driveways to prevent them from getting icy or to melt ice that has already formed.

It works in temps above 12 degrees, but can be harsh on grass and shrubs. An experienced snow removal contractor will be careful where they are applying salt.


As we mentioned above, salt melt ice, sanding surfaced does not. Sand is laid down on commercial parking lots, driveways, & walkways to provide traction for vehicles and pedestrians themselves.

Contact Lola’s Landscape

Lola’s Landscape provides snow removal services in Norfolk County. These services include snow removal, snow blowing, as well as salting & sanding. To receive a quote on snow removal, or any of our winter services, contact us here, or call us at 774-248-4584

Winter Snow Plowing Services

Winter is literally two weeks away…are you ready for the snow; Lola’s Landscape certainly is!

We provide our snow plowing and removal services to both home and business owners in the Norfolk County area. We provide our removal services to the following cities and towns:

We clear driveways, parking lots, stairs, and walkways. Did you know, mail carriers will not deliver your mail if there isn’t a clear path to your mail slot? So if you want your mail on time, give us a call during storms, and we will make sure there is a clear pathway for your mail carriers!

We also offer emergency snow removal; sometimes snow comes in the middle of the night, you can schedule an appointment with us to come by your home or business during the night, so your car is good to go come morning time!

For more information, or to schedule estimates on our snow plow services, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.

Snow Plowing in Norfolk County

After having two big snow storms less than a week apart, it’s understandable if your driveway is still covered in snow! Recovering from two big consecutive snow storms is tough, but that’s what we’re here for!

Lola’s Landscape will help bail you out of this mess we like to call snow. Snow is a beautiful thing, but it gets old real fast!

We will clear your driveway, walkway, stairs, porch, deck, whatever needs to be plowed, we’re the company to call!

For more information about our services, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.

Lawn Care in Norfolk County

For over four years we have been providing our lawn care services to cities and towns around the Norfolk County area.

Our landscape services can be anything from mowing, to tree removal, all the way to lawn repair and installation. Our expert landscapers will be sure to provide you with the best lawn services around!

The main goal, here at Lola’s Landscape is to go above and beyond all of our customers’ expectations. We are able to achieve this goal by using skilled and experienced landscapers, and always finishing a project on time, and within budget.

Taking care of your lawn is a lot of work, and a lot of people just don’t have the time to dedicate attention to their grass; this is where Lola’s Landscape comes in handy! We will help you with all of your landscaping needs!

For a free estimate, please feel free to give us a call at 774-248-4584.

Snow Plowing

Tomorrow, 2/8/13 might be the storm of the century! In some areas of MA, we are expected to get over 30″ of snow! Some even have compared Nemo, the name of the storm that will be hitting us tomorrow, with the Blizzard of ’78!

With this being said, you can call Lola’s Landscape for all of your plowing and salting needs! We will plow a nice clear path in your driveway and walkway. We offer the best services at the best prices!

Here is a list of some of the cities and towns we will help plow their way out of the snow:

  • Franklin
  • Norfolk,
  • Medway
  • Millis

If you have any questions about our plowing services, costs and the towns we travel to, please give us a call at (774) 248–4584. We look forward to helping you get through this could be storm of the century! Stay safe, and don’t forget to stock up on food and other essentials tonight!