How to protect your plants during winter

Plants are living creatures, and just like any other living creature, plants also feel the effects of weather. When it’s cold outside, your plants also require some special care. If you pay a little extra attention, your plants will not only survive the harsh winter but will bloom much better the following year around. This article will discuss four simple and easy ways to protect your plants this winter. So without further adieu, let’s get started:

1.    Move them

Your potted plants should be moved to an area with some warmth or shelter. Some shared garden plants such as gladioli and dahlias are tougher at the roots but not hardy at the shoot. Generally, their exposed parts wither away during the winters while the roots remain intact. These exposed parts will grow again when the winter is over. If you live in an icy area, you should consider moving your plants to a shed and providing them with some heat so they can better survive and persist through the winter.


Completely dormant pot plants such as tender fuchsias and begonias will be much happier living in the warmth of the shed. Other green plants and are still growing would require some artificial lighting in the shed to ensure their growth continues.

2.    Add mulch

Several tender plants would benefit greatly from having some mulch over their roots. Mulch could consist of leaf mold, wood chippings, or garden compost. Adding mulch has the benefit of providing nutrients to the plant and making the soil more fertile. Birds in your backyard will also benefit significantly from the mulch as it contains insects for them to enjoy.

3.    Cover them up

If there is a frost forecast, you can throw some horticultural fleece or old newspaper over your plants to protect them. If it’s going to be extremely cold, you should consider adding some extra layers to make sure that the exposed parts of the plant remain protected from the effects of the frost.

4.    Winter Watering

Watering your plants in the winter might be the last thing on your mind, but it is necessary to do. If you live in an area with low rainfall during winters, you should consider watering your plants once a month to keep the soil soft and maintain the nutrients.

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