Is Your Snow Blower Stalling Shortly After Starting?

The Massachusetts area is notorious for its harsh snow-filled winters. Most residents that have a larger driveway or walkway on their property also own a snowblower of some type to make clearing of snow much easier than if they had to shovel it the old-school way. But what happens when you go to fire up your blower after another nor’easter and it starts…but stalls out after a few seconds. Every. Single. Time.


Let’s face it, nobody wants to shovel- it’s backbreaking, tiring, and takes substantially longer than if you had your snowblower up and running. So why is your snowblower stalling? Take a look at some of the possible causes of small engine failure below:

The Carburetor

When your small engine starts but stalls, there is a change the carburetor is clogged. How does this happen? Well if you leave fuel or gas in the engine for extended periods of time the fuel could evaporate leaving behind a mess of much thicker substance that can clog everything. You can try to clean it with carburetor cleaner, but if it’s too far gone it may be time to call a professional that specialized in small engine repair.

The Fuel Cap

Most fuel caps have a mechanism that allows air to enter the fuel tank as more and more fuel is used. If this hole is clogged then vapor lock will occur causing the small engine in your snowblower to stall after a start. If you loosen the cap and the engine runs without hiccups then you will need a new cap.

Spark Plug Issues

Stalling of your engine could be due to compromised or damaged spark plugs. There are a few ways you can tell if the spark plug is no longer functioning correctly; a cracked porcelain insulator, burnt out electrode, or heavy carbon can all be a cause. If you need to test the spark plugs in your small engine you can use a spark test plug to get to the bottom of your small engine woes.

Too Much Oil

One simple thing that leads to a small engine stalling that many can overlook is overfilling of the oil. If the engine is overflowing with oil it can seep into the carburetor and cause further damage.

If you’ve taken a look at all these possible causes and still can’t seem to find out what is the cause of your snowblower’s small engine stalling, it may be time to take it to a professional. For anyone in the Norfolk, MA area who needs a small engine repair or replacement, Lola’s Landscape offers repair service on small engines of a multitude of mowers, snowblowers, weedwhackers & and other yard tools.

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Warning Signs That a Tree May Fall

A lot of times homeowners don’t know that a tree on their property is going to fall over until it’s too late. Little do most know, your mature trees may be giving you a few signals before they fall over. Not preparing for a tree that’s ready to fall can cause serious damage to your property, or even worse- personal injury.

Sometimes trees can add value to a property, so you don’t always want to remove the tree from your property completely. Luckily, sometimes you can save a tree that is showing warning signs of yelling ‘timber’ in the future. You might ask “Well, what are the warning signs?” below we’ll take a look at the warning signs and see what you can do about them to maybe save your tree.

Trees That Lean

While trees don’t always grow completely vertical, there is a point where if it leans a little too much to one side or another it’s an early warning sign that the tree is ready to take a spill.

The danger signs of a tree that is leaning too far is cracked or displaced soil, especially on the opposite side of the lean. Also if the roots are exposed around the base of the tree. If the tree has any of these symptoms it may be a good time to call a landscaper to prune the branches, which entails removing dead or dangerous branches of a tree to re-distribute the weight across the tree better.

The Tree Has More Than One Trunk

A tree can be unstable if it has multiple trunks or splits on the trunk causing the weight to distribute in an unfavorable way. Good ways to tell is if there is a U or V shaped trunk somewhere in the tree, or you can clearly see cracks that extend deeply into the trunk.

Fixing this issue is another thing you are going to want to leave to the professionals as it can be dangerous. Calling a good landscaper to come and stabilize split trunks via cables is usually the first course of action. While it won’t reverse any of the damage, it will extend the life of the tree greatly.

Property Construction Can Harm Tree Roots

If you have recently done a larger construction project on your property such as putting up an addition or installing a driveway, surrounding trees could have had their roots compromised. Also, construction equipment can sometimes hit and damage tree bark opening  up the opportunity for tree disease or other infestations.

Signs of property construction tree damage can be damaged bark, less foliage, or seeing things such as mushrooms, ants, or other infestations at the base of the tree can indicate rot or decay. All of these can lead to an unstable tree that could potentially fall in the near future.

If your trees have been compromised by nearby construction and you suspect they may fall soon it’s important to find someone that can help prevent (or if it’s too late safely remove) the tree from falling.

Call a Landscaper

If you see any of these signs in trees surrounding your property, they could be trees that have a potential to fall and destroy anything in their path, including your home and vehicles. Since dealing with larger, mature trees can be very dangerous, it is advised to get into contact with an experienced landscaper to help you out.

Lola’s Landscape has been providing tree pruning and tree removal services to Franklin, MA and Norfolk County since 2009. We provide everything from tree removal all the way down to limb removal and stump grinding to keep your property looking pristine. We are also fully licensed and insured and our crew has many combined years of experience, so you know you’re getting the best tree services in Norfolk County.

If you have any questions about Lola’s tree services or suspect you have a tree that is showing warning signs of falling, don’t wait! Give us a call at (774) 248-4584 or fill out the form on this page for a free quote.




Fall Cleanup Season

As we move deeper into Fall, it’s almost that time of year again, fall cleanup time!

Depending on the weather, and as you know, being from New England the weather is very unpredictable, we usually begin our fall cleanup services in mid October. These services will extend into late November and sometimes even early December.

During this service we will remove leaves, pine needles, twigs, branches, and other debris from your grass, patio, and bushes. We will even remove the old perennial tops that are still left from summer, to leave room for the new buds that will come in the spring.

If this is your first fall in Massachusetts, the amount of leaves and debris on your yard can be a little overwhelming; it’s still overwhelming for those residents who live in the state their whole lives! But not to worry, that’s why there are landscapers!

Our landscapers have no fear when it comes to picking up leaves and other nasty debris! We will not only pick up the leaves, but we will also bag them for you too; just let us know if you need our bagging services beforehand!

If you wait until spring to remove leaves from your lawn, it is going to be a nightmare! There is nothing worse than trying to pickup wet leaves; not to mention the harm you’re doing to your grass by leaving these dead, wet leaves on your lawn!

To schedule our fall cleanup services, please give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.

Firewood for Norfolk County

Summer is almost over, but it’s never too late to enjoy a nice fire under the moonlight! You haven’t really enjoyed your summer, until you’ve had a s’more (or two!).

Here at Lola’s Landscape, we sell dry firewood that is perfect for building fires. Whether you are looking for just a few logs, or a whole bundle, we have the best supply around!

Here are some of the different packages we provide to our customers:

  • 1/2 Cord: $175.00
  • Full Cord: $300.00
  • 2 Cords: $550.00

There may only be a few weeks left of summer, but let’s enjoy it with a nice campfire, with friends and family.

If you have any questions about our firewood products and services, please feel free to give us a call at 774-248-4584.