What Does it Mean to Aerate Your Lawn?

Aerating your lawn is an essential part of lawn care. Aerating should be done several times throughout the year and especially between seasons. This can be done yourself, but like most landscaping, it should be done consistently at regular intervals throughout the year. Hiring a professional lawn care service is the best way to ensure that the lawn is cared for in a way that keeps it healthy all year long.

What does it mean to aerate your lawn? Aerating your lawn provides nutrients to the roots. When you aerate, it means that you are giving your lawn oxygen and access to sources for fertilizer. Aerating is done by rolling hollow spikes across the lawn so that it creates small holes throughout the surface of your grass.

What Does Aerating Do?

Aerating is done to help your lawn get nutrients throughout the square footage of your grass. When you put holes in the grass, it allows the roots better access to oxygen and water. Also, if done with fertilizer, nutrients have direct access to the roots of your lawn.

Signs That You Need to Aerate Your Lawn

If you have dry or dead lawn places, it may be time to aerate. Aerating can bring your dying lawn back to life. Also, if the seasons are changing, this is a great time to aerate before extreme changes affect your grass.

How to Aerate

The most natural way to aerate is by hiring landscaping professionals who take care of your whole yard to aerate at intervals throughout the year. If you do it yourself, you will need a rolling aerator that has hollow spikes attached. Simply roll over your whole lawn with the device.

Hiring professionals to aerate your lawn makes a lot of sense. It can slip people’s minds and requires a large device that you only need once or twice a year. To schedule your lawn aeration with Lola’s Landscape, contact us today at (774) 248-4584.

Fall Lawn Care Services

It’s almost the end of our Fall Cleanup & Lawn Care services! But you still have a few more weeks to make an appointment, call Lola’s Landscape at 774-248-4584!! Our fall services usually last until early December, but judging by the cold weather we’re already experiencing, the season might be cut short!

You need to get your lawn healthy and strong enough to survive the cold winter that is ahead of us!

We provide a number of services that will help your soil and grass grow healthy enough to survive the frigid winter; services include:

The main thing to remember is to keep your soil strong and healthy! A strong soil can fight off diseases and insect invasions!

You also want to get rid of those leaves; you don’t want leaves to stay on your lawn through winter, because no one likes wet, dead leaves in their yard! Also, dead and damp leaves attract diseases and insects; so if you do not pickup your leaves during the fall, come spring time, your soil and the grass will be completely destroyed by insects, who just love dark and damp places!

It’s not too late to make an appointment for our lawn care services! Pleas call Lola’s Landscape today, at 774-248-4584! Let us help you prepare you lawn for a long and cold winter!

Aeration & Overseeding

Now that summer is almost over, we have come to the time where aeration and overseeding is necessary to maintain a healthy lawn.

Aeration is one of the most important components in maintaining a healthy lawn. As summer comes to an end, take a minute to remember all the times you had BBQs, or your children were playing in the grass; all that foot traffic causes your grass to compact.

Over time, soil will start to compact so much, that sunlight and water cannot get to the root of your grass,causing it to eventually die. Aeration will open up, and loosen your soil, allowing sunlight and rain water to hit the roots.

Overseeding is also very important; overseeding is when we spread grass seed over every parameter of your grass. This will help keep your grass young; when older grass dies, new grass from the seed will grow and replace the old grass. It helps keep a cycle of new grass continuously growing.

Fall is just around the corner, now is the time to schedule a time for our aeration and overseeding services. For questions, or a few estimate, please give us a call at 774-248-4584.