Every lawn, no matter how well kept it is will need some form of lawn aeration. As your children play tag in the backyard, or you walk across you yard to greet a neighbor, every bit of foot traffic will cause the soil in your grass to compact; over time the soil begins to compact more and more.
A simple solution to this, is allowing us to aerate your yard. Aerating your lawn will open up the soil, which will allow sunlight, air, water and nutrients to enter the roots. The best time to perform this service is in the fall, when your grass is not infested with weeds, and is at its prime growing season.
Most everyone knows of the value of fertilizing and watering your lawn, but sometimes aeration goes forgotten. Aeration is critical to ensure that nutrients from fertilizers can reach the soil beneath your grass.
If your lawn gets heavy use from foot traffic, children playing, or general wear and tear from the elements, consider aeration today.
aerating lawn

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    "This is our third year with Lola’s Landscaping doing all of our Property, Lawn Care & Maintenance work. From spring cleanup, aeration and yearlong fertilization, to weekly mowing, trimming, weeding, hand-edging and mulching to fall cleanup, tree/shrub trimming and winterization. Adam has always been professional, courteous and friendly and his staff is second to none."
    -Don S.