Lawn Maintenance & Lawn Mowing

Lawn Maintenance is one of the many landscaping specialties we offer to our customers in Franklin MA and the surrounding cities and towns. Before we begin any form of maintenance to your yard, we will be sure to survey your land, and give you an estimate, so that you have a ballpark idea of what the end cost will be!

Let us begin with lawn mowing. Typically, giving that the weather cooperates, cutting season begins in early May, and continues into the end of October. But because we live in New England, and the weather is always unpredictable, the season has the potential to start and end at various times. We will cut every corner of your lawn and trim along fences, walkways, walls, foundations, etc. Cutting lawns can leave a big chunk of dead grass and debris all over your yard and driveway. Before we leave your property, we will be sure to blow all dead grass and debris from your patios and driveways.

Lawn Mowing may seem like an easy task, but there are specific steps you need to take that will help your lawn stay fresh and healthy. It’s understandable that you don’t have the time to follow these instructions; with work and spending time with your family, proper lawn mowing techniques is probably the furthest thing from your mind! Not to worry, the landscapers here at Lola’s Landscape know the proper techniques to mowing a lawn and maintaining a healthy yard! Two main concerns when mowing your lawn are: the height, and the frequency. Knowing exactly how short to cut your grass, and how often you should mow your lawn will help keep you grass healthy.

Let’s begin with cutting height. The cutting height can be the difference between a healthy lawn, and a lawn that has been invaded by weeds. That is why it is important to maintain you grass height anywhere from two to three inches. Here at Lola’s Landscape, we have been mowing lawns for some time now, and we know when a lawn’s height has reached two inches. If you cut your grass shorter than two inches, the sun is not able to reach the blades of grass, which stops the process of photosynthesis; photosynthesis is the key to any plant’s survival.

Now let’s begin to talk about the mowing frequency. The frequency for every lawn is different; how quickly your grass grows will determine how often your lawn should be mowed. During the mowing process, only about one third of the amount of shoot should be removed; this will help limit a stressing turf. Because we mow your lawn at a height of two inches, once it grows over three inches, it is time for another mowing. If you let your grass grow too high, and then decided to cut it all at once, you can cause an excessive buildup of clippings, and cause physiological shock to your grass.

As we mentioned earlier, when your grass is not mowed properly, the process of photosynthesis is limited, which allows the outburst of weeds. If you are one of the many people who have a lawn suffering from weeds, do not fret! Here at Lola’s Landscape we offer weekly weeding services to go along with our mowing services, for an additional cost.

Who knew mowing a lawn had so many parameters, and rules to follow? If you feel like you’re overwhelmed, not to worry, our landscapers will take care of your lawn and lessen the burden on your shoulders. You have a lot to worry about, let us worry about the care and health of your lawn!

Some of the other lawn maintenance services we provide to our customers include: fertilization, De-thatching, over seeding, and more. If you have any questions regarding our maintenance services, feel free to give us a call at 774-248-4584 where one of our professionals will answer any question you have!