Lawn Care

Lola’s Landscape offers a variety of lawn care services that will help create a healthy and green grass. If you have any questions on how we help improve your lawn, please contact us!

Some of the lawn care services we provide that will help promote a healthy lawn include:

These services combined, along with other landscape services, will help give your lawn the attention and care it needs to grow and prosper during the spring and summer months.

A healthy lawn has a strong soil working underneath it; during the winter and cold months, you soil really suffers and doesn’t get the nutrients it needs to fight off weeds, disease and insects. With fertilizing, aeration, and other lawn care services listed above, your soil will finally receive the nutrients it needs to survive and fight off diseases and insects.

Your soil will be at full strength once it is exposed to rainwater and sunlight; the services listed above, will help you soil receive those necessary nutrients it needs to survive and prosper. With a strong soil, comes green grass!

For more information on our lawn care services, please feel free to give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584. We also provide free estimates, as well as seasonal package deals that will help save you money!