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Questions To Ask Your Snow Removal Contractor

At Lola’s Landscaping in Norfolk County we are continuing to see clients inquire about snow removal services. With last week’s blizzard dropping over a 18 inches of snow in parts of Massachusetts, snow removal companies are in high demand. If you you are in the market for a snow removal team still for the winter, consider these questions before you sign a contract.

How Long Have You Been in Business?- Now days its very easy to claim you run a “snow removal business”. Strap on a plow to your truck and send our some flyers and boom, you can appear to be legitimate. When it comes to snow removal though, you want a trusted company with years of business under their belt.

Pre-plow Plan– Pardon the alliteration on this one folks. When you are about to sign a snow removal contract, you should ask them what they do before the first snowfall. They should access your property for any potential problems and create a plan on how to deal with them. Discuss the plan with homeowners or business owners about what to do with cars that will be there as well.

Documentation- What type of documentation do they provide? If you are billed by the amount of snowfall are they tracking this? Do the document the hours they were at your location for? Hopefully you never have a billing dispute, but you’ll want to make sure you have documentation from your plow company.

Do They Have Insurance Coverage- This one is self explanatory. Snow plows will be working around your home, cars, and other property. Verify the insurance they carry.

If you are still looking for a plow company this winter, contact Lola’s Landscape today!

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