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Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are the key to making your lawn’s health last for seasons & years to come. Proper nutrients & hydration are essential in the care routine for your lawn, landscape, shrubbery, florals, and more. The Lola’s Landscape team has years of experience with the planning, installation, and maintenance of top of the line residential and commercial irrigation systems. 

Benefits of an Irrigation System

  • Uses water efficiently & cost-effectively 
  • Evenly distributes hydration without flooding or neglecting areas
  • Saves homeowners time & effort with auto-settings and professional maintenance
  • Settings are custom set by professionals to water your lawn at the optimal times 

Irrigation Planning & Installation

Proper design and installation are the baselines for an optimal irrigation system. Each irrigation system is custom designed for  All of Lola’s Landscape team is thoroughly trained in properly fitting the industry’s best irrigation systems. We skip no steps and follow the industry’s top trends for the newest & best irrigation products. 

Irrigation Maintenance irrigation system in grass

Our irrigation services go far beyond your initial installation. We will schedule seasonal maintenance appointments at your convenience to check and adjust your system as needed, including winterizing, spring start-ups, and summer usage adjustments. Our team is committed to you having the nicest lawn on your block year-round!  

Landscaping Services in Franklin, MA

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