Spring Clean-Up

Throughout the snowy winter, your yard accumulates leaves and debris. When it finally melts away, what’s left are piles of waterlogged, dirty piles of debris. 

We will remove any old perennials that were not removed during the fall, to make room for new fresh plants.

In addition to cleaning up leaves and debris, our mulching services stop weed growth, as well as keeping the soil moist and rich. 

Fall Clean-Up

Our fall clean up service usually starts around the middle of October, and extends into November and early December. 

We remove all leaves and other debris from your lawn and shrubs. 

We can also remove any old perennial tops, to make room for their new bud in the Spring!

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"This is our third year with Lola’s Landscaping...from spring cleanup, aeration and yearlong fertilization, to weekly mowing, trimming, weeding, hand-edging and mulching to fall cleanup, tree/shrub trimming and winterization. Adam has always been professional, courteous and friendly and his staff is second to none."