Fall Lawn Care Tips

Winters coming! You know it, I know it, we all know it. The mornings are starting to get colder, frost can be seen starting to accumulate in the morning. Leaves are beginning to fall and jack frost will be making an appearance in the coming weeks. At Lola’s Landscaping, lawns are part of our passion. Make sure you take these steps to give your lawn the best opportunity to flourish in the Spring.

Clear Debris:

Wind and rain will cause havoc on your property. They will knock down leaves, tree limbs, branches and more. If this material is left on your lawn to rot over the winter, come spring instead of a nice green lawn, you could have brown spots. Clearing debris gives your lawn a fresh slate to grow again.

Aerate Your Lawn:

This can be done by yourself or you can hire a professional landscaper to do it. Aerating your lawn improves drainage and will get your lawn ready for the next step.

Top Dress Your Lawn:

In areas where grass is sparse, prepare for speeding by spreading a a half inch layer of aged compost. Next spread fertilizer using a rotary spreader.
Lastly, you’ll want to consider overseeing your lawn in the Fall to prepare for Winter and Spring. Other steps to make sure you do is to keep on mowing your lawn and clear out all weeds before Winter.

By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to having the best-looking lawn in the Spring Time. If you’d like the professionals at Lola’s Landscape to handle this for you, use our contact form to get in touch with us!

Give Your Lawn A Facelift Just in Time For The Nice Weather

With summer just around the corner in the Norfolk area, many residents and businesses are preparing their yards and properties for outdoor activities, gatherings, and parties. While it’s great to have a clean and well maintained yard, you can really wow guests this summer by hiring an experienced company to provide landscape design for your yard. The best part is that you can save time, and ensure the job gets done right every time by hiring a lawn care professional near you.professionally maintained lawn

Here at Lola’s Landscape we offer expert lawn care services, here are a few of the benefits of giving your lawn a facelift just in time for the nice Massachusetts weather this upcoming summer.

  • Lola’s Landscape has the lawn care expertise:  Keeping and caring for a healthy lawn takes a little bit more knowledge than your average homeowner may have. Many people may look to the internet or the local home improvement store for lawn-care tips and tricks but still lack the skills of a professional. This is where the experts at Lola’s Landscape come in handy. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to provide you with that lush, green lawn you’ve been longing for to really wow family and friends this summer.
  • Professional lawn care and landscaping adds value to your Norfolk home: At some point, most people intend to sell their home at one point or another. If that time is nearing close, hiring a professional lawn care company will help increase the value of your home. The yard and outdoor area is one of the first things a potential homebuyer sees when viewing a home, and the appearance will have a big impact on first impressions. By having a healthy and well maintained lawn, it can help sway potential home buyers in the right direction.
  • Lola’s can stop underlying lawn problems before they start: We ensure all of our lawn care professionals are trained to find a potential problem with your lawn before it escalates. Lawn care professionals are trained to spot a problem before it starts. Lola’s training and experience allows us to spot signs of diseases, pests, weeds, and improper maintenance that the untrained eye might not notice. Stopping these problems before they start will save you money, time and your beautiful lawn.
  • Lola’s will help save you time, so you can enjoy the weather: Maintaining  a beautiful, green lawn require a lot of time and dedication. Researching and planning the steps to maintain your lawn takes a lot of time, add in the physical work and you’ve spent hours working on your lawn instead of enjoying it. One of the many benefits of hiring Lola’s Landscape is that it will save you precious time. Experienced lawn professionals will create and maintain a beautiful lawn, while you can spend your time relaxing and entertaining during the beautiful Norfolk, Franklin and Wrentham, MA summers.

If you would like a quote on Lola’s Landscape lawn care and lawn maintenance services in the Norfolk area, fill out the contact form on this page or give us a call at 774-248-4584 today!

April is Here! Get Lola’s Six-Step Spray Service to Control Mosquitos & Ticks!

New Englanders rejoice, the warmer weather is on the horizon! This means barbecue’s, bonfires and spending a lot more time in the great outdoors of Massachusetts. The one downside to the great weather and good times are mosquitos and ticks. Not only are they annoying, but they can pose a threat to you and your families health. If you are in the Franklin or Norfolk area Lola’s Landscape has your solution!

Lola’s Six-Step Tick & Mosquito Spray Service

Starting in April, Lola’s Landscape begins following the 6 time spray schedule to help with mosquito and tick prevention for your yard or property. After April the schedule follows as:

  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September

In order to keep your entire yard tick and mosquito-free Lola’s will come once per month over the late spring and summer and use our fully licensed and insured pesticide spray to help you take back your yard this summer!

Our spray help you enjoy the outdoors without worrying about being eaten alive by pesky mosquitoes and ticks, keeping your family and pets safe and un-bothered this summer. If you have any pets or children, the strain and danger caused by ticks can cause unnecessary stress.

Don’t put your family or yourself in danger this summer! Norfolk, Franklin, Millis & surrounding areas are notorious for being heavily wooded areas, where ticks and mosquitos thrive. If you want to enjoy your property to it’s fullest potential without pesky ticks or mosquitos, you should give Lola’s a call today! Our spray will help eliminate and contain ticks, allowing you and your family to enjoy the summer, tick-free and unbothered by pesky mosquitos.

Fall Clean Up Check List

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the first snowfall is just a few week away. But if you haven’t taken care of the fallen leaves on your lawn don’t worry there is still time!

By preparing your yard for the winter now you will save time, energy, and money when spring rolls around in a few months. Make sure your yard will last throughout another New England winter by following the Lola’s Landscape fall clean-up checklist.

  1. Clean Out Leaves & Debris

Leaves and other fallen debris create the perfect places for pests to settle during the cold winter months. Not to mention leaves left on grass over the winter can cause mold & other diseases. Make sure to clear out all leaves before the first snowfall.

  1. Trim Branches & Prune Trees & Shrubs

Now that the leaves have completely fallen it is a great opportunity to trim any large or out of place tree branches. These branches could cause damage during harsh winter storms and are best to be taken care of now before winter hits.

  1. Clean Out Gutters

All fall long leaves and other debris have fallen and landed in your gutters. Your gutters are crucial to your roofing system and you will want to make sure they are working properly before winter hits. Check for proper drainage and clear out any blockages to ensure your roof will be in good working condition all winter long.

  1. Aerate

Aerating your lawn helps break up compacted soil and open up the soil to sunlight, air, water, and nutrients.  During the cold winter months, soil is more likely to compact keeping nutrients from reaching the roots. Aerating helps break up the soil and keep water from pooling as well as help nutrients reach the roots.

  1. Fertilize

Give your lawn one last fertilize it needs to survive the long cold winter. By adding a lawn fertilizer with high phosphorous content to encourage root growth and enjoy a lush green lawn come spring.

  1. Cut back Perennials

Remove any old perennials that were not removed during the fall to make room for fresh new plants. You can even divide your plants and add them to other beds where they can flourish come springtime. This saves money and time in the spring.

  1. Give Lawn One Last Mow

Give your lawn one last mow before sending it into the long winter. Set your mower to a low setting and give the lawn a close buzz. This helps the soil dry out easier in the spring which can help lead to a lusher lawn.

Fall clean ups are crucial to ensuring a healthy lawn all year round. But they can be a lot of work! Let the professionals at Lola’s Landscape handle your fall clean up this year. If you have any questions about the cost, and the timeframe of the cleaning project, give us a call at 774-248-4584. We will gladly go over any questions or concerns you may have regarding the clean up project. We look forward to working with you on your next clean up job, or any other landscape job!

Do I really need a Fall Cleanup?

There is no denying that fall is here and summer is officially behind us. The temperatures have dropped and the leaves have even begun to fall from the trees. Soon your lawn will be covered and leaves and you may begin to think do I need a fall cleanup?

If you are thinking you do not need to take care of the leaves on your lawn before winter hits you are mistaken. If the leaves & other debris on your lawn are not removed, they will stay there, all winter long. The problem with this, is that leaves are organic material and will decompose and rot during this time.

Over the course of the winter and early spring the leaves on your lawn will break down and decompose on the grass you worked hard to get green all summer long. Combine the rotting with moisture from the melting snow you have a breeding grown for mildew and fungus. Rotten leaves can change the PH of your soil making it difficult to grow grass in the future which results in spotty patchy grass come spring.

So if you’re thinking of skipping your fall clean up this season you may want to think again. At Lola’s Landscape we understand that fall clean ups can be very difficult and time consuming which is why we offer full service clean ups for your yard this fall.

Our fall clean up service usually starts around the middle of October, and extends into November and early December. We will remove all leaves and other debris from your lawn and shrubs. We can also remove any old perennial tops, to make room for their new bud in the spring!

If you have any questions about the cost, and the time frame of the cleaning project, give us a call at 774-248-4584. We will gladly go over any questions or concerns you may have regarding the cleanup project. We look forward to working with you on your next clean up job, or any other landscape job!


When Is the Best Time of Year for Lawn Renovation?

Have you tried every trick in the book and it still seems like no matter what you do you are unable to achieve the healthy, green lawn you have always dreamed of? If this sounds like you, it may be time for a lawn renovation or even a complete lawn installation.

Lawn renovation involves planting of new grass seed into an existing lawn area to help bring a dead lawn back to life. Often, this involves adding new grass varieties to help repair damage or increase tolerance to drought, shade or wear. A lawn installation involves the complete removal of old brown grass to leave room for new sod to be laid down.

Early Fall is the best time of year for lawn renovations and installation because the environmental conditions are favorable and weed competition is much lower than in the spring. During the spring you have to compete with things like crabgrass and other weeds that could cause issues when it comes to your lawn renovation. This also gives you time to reseed your lawn and for the lawn to become established before winter arrives.

For more information on our lawn renovation & installation services and for prices, please feel free to give Lola’s Landscape a call at 774-248-4584.

Why You Need A Professional Landscaper


As a home or property owner, you might be thinking “Why should I hire someone to take care of my lawn for me?” Well, there are plenty of reasons why you should. When it comes down to it, lawn care is really a science. You could probably just throw some dirt and seed down and hope for the best. But when your lawn fails to grow properly, you’ll just end up frustrated with all the wasted time, money, and effort you just put in. Hiring a reputable company to do your lawn renovation for you, is well worth it in the long run. You’ll have a property that will turn heads for seasons to come.

Professional lawn care companies know exactly what it takes to grow and maintain the healthiest lawn possible. Grass, like all living things, need to be fed in order to keep growing. Professional lawn care companies know exactly what nutrients your lawn needs, and how often it needs to be fed. Proper nutrition also helps it recover from unfavorable conditions such as excessive rain, snow, or heat. Dosing the nutrients yourself could lead to undesired results.

If you would like to see your lawn come back season after season, a professional lawn care company can provide the proper fertilizer and lawn aeration. Lawn aeration ensures your lawn can breathe and absorb nutrients through its roots below the surface. This is especially important for feeding your lawn throughout the winter. In turn, you’ll have a lush healthy lawn in the spring!

Having a professional take care of your lawn, also means that any insect or weed infestations will be kept at bay. Professionals can spot indications of an infestation before it plagues your beautiful lawn. Once the insect or weeds start to spread, it can be incredibly difficult to eliminate them.

If you are serious about maintaining a lawn that is robust and prosperous year after year, hiring a professional lawn care company, such as Lola’s Landscape, can be one of the best investments you can make. Call us at 774-248-4584 to get your free estimate today!







What Is a Lawn Renovation & Do I Need One?

If not properly cared for lawns can deteriorate over time. Factors such as poor maintenance, inadequate drainage, heavy traffic, pest problems, weed invasions or incorrect grass species being planted could all lead to the deterioration of a lawn. If you lawn has not fully deteriorated you may be able to bring it back to life without a full lawn renovation. By taking better care of your lawn and beginning regular maintenance you may be able to avoid a full lawn renovation.

Renovation usually isn’t necessary until approximately 20-25% of the lawn is bare or covered with weeds. If it is simply a localized problem you could be able to partially renovate your lawn through overseeding or patching. Patching is when you add seeds, sod, sprigs, plugs and more to patches of your lawn to help bring them back to life.

If over 40% of your lawn is dead or suffering from severe problems you may need to completely renovate.  With a complete lawn renovation, you are essentially starting over from scratch. A lawn renovation involves planting grass seed into an existing lawn area, often adding new grass varieties to repair damage or increase tolerance to drought, shade, or wear.

Our lawn renovation is a series of steps that combine dethatching, aeration, slice seeding, and if needed adding some loam into areas of the lawn. We then heavily seed and fertilize the lawn with starter fertilizer to help bring the lawn back. To find out more about our lawn renovation services or to get a free quote contact us today!

How to Maintain Your Lawn During a Drought

Summer can be a tough time for your lawn, the hot sun, and little rain can really take a toll on your lawn. Massachusetts has seen little rain this summer which can leave your lawn looking brown and crispy as opposed to the lush green lawn you were hoping for. Thankfully there are a few tips and tricks to help maintain your lawn even when rain is scarce.

Restrict Mowing:

When rain is in abundance it is best to keep your grass short, but during a rain shortage let your grass grow a bit longer. The longer blades will mean a deeper root system which means the grass can get water deeper within the soil and not rely on rainwater as much

Reuse Clippings:

When you do mow your lawn during a drought, leave the clippings on your lawn. This can help return nutrients and moisture to the remaining blades and help prevent diseases.

Hydration Management:

During times of drought not only is rainwater scarce but you are often restricted by your use of hose water as well. Limit your lawns water to roughly an inch every week by only watering twice a week. Over watering could lead to soil runoff leading to a nutritional deficit. Also, be sure to water your lawn in the early morning hours or at night to help prevent evaporation from the sun.

Nutritional Diet:

Help your lawn stay healthy even when water is low by feeding it a nutrient rich fertilizer before the dog days of summer hit. We recommend fertilizing in the springtime that way when summer droughts roll around your grass will have energy stored up for the long haul.

If your lawn is looking like it could use a little TLC this summer call the lawn professionals at Lola’s Landscape. We know all the tips and tricks to keeping your lawn healthy even when the weather doesn’t want to cooperate.

Tips on Keeping Your Lawn Green All Year Long

Every homeowner dreams of a lush green lawn, but keeping your lawn in tip top shape 365 days out of the year can be a big job. Here are a few tips on how to keep your lawn looking fresh all year long.

Fertilizer: Fertilizing your lawn a few times a year can go a long way. It’s good to fertilize once in the spring, then again in midsummer with a food blend higher in nitrogen than other elements. Fertilizing too much can mean too much growth, by reducing the amount of fertilizer you can save time and energy.  It is best to fertilize after mowing and when the grass is dry to help it stick to the blades

Take Care of your Lawn Mower: Mowing your lawn regularly is important to keeping it looking full and lush all year long. In order to do so you need to keep you lawn mower is good condition. Make sure to drain gasoline and oil from your lawn mower when you are done using it. Any gasoline that stays in the tank for over a year can gum up your carburetor.

Watering: It is best to water your lawn in the early hours of the morning. This gives the lawn an opportunity to dry before nightfall when many types of fungus are most active. This is also usually a non-peak time for water supply. It is better to water well a couple times a week than lightly daily. Deep soaking encourages deep roots growth while light watering encourages roots to stay close to the surface of the soil making your lawn susceptible to heat and drought.

Repair Brown Spots: Many times your pets can cause unwanted brown spots on your lawns. There is a high nitrogen content in pet urine which causes it to burn the grass. It is best to water these areas well within 8 hours to help dilute the high nitrogen levels. If these spots go untreated then you will need to repair them to help get your green grass back.