6 Step Tree & Shrub Care

Step 1
Spring Dormant Oil will help control over wintering insects, mites and their eggs.

Step 2
Spring Fertilization is a balanced feeding to improve plant color and flowering throughout the growing season and makes them healthier
to fend off stress.

Step 3
Spring Insect and Disease Control will help to protect new foliage and growth from pest problems such as apple scab, powdery mildew,
caterpillars, aphids, etc.

Step 4
Summer Insect and Disease Control will help to prevent damage caused by mid season pests like the Japanese beetles.

Step 5
Late Summer Insect and Mite Control for remaining, late season, damaging pests like the fall web worm, spider mites, and lace bugs.

Step 6
Fall Fertilization will stimulate root growth, spring coloring and general plant health.

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